ScRAP Webinar 9


Monday 27 September, 17.30-19.00

Louise Felding (Curator, VejleMuseerne, Denmark). Danish Rock Art in the Bronze Age. Contexts and Meanings


About the talk: With a focus on the Danish examples, this talk will provide an introduction to Scandinavian rock art in the Bronze Age. The general symbolic language is similar throughout the Scandinavian area in the Bronze Age but often expressed through different media. The Danish rock art stands out in a Scandinavian context due to the general lack of bedrock in the areas outside the island of Bornholm. Danish rock art is instead found on erratic boulders, as part megalithic structures, as free standing stones or as part of burial constructions.

The talk will provide a general introduction to the most common motifs and will provide insights from landscape analyses of Danish rock art and the meaning that can be drawn from these settings. Finally, contextual analyses of the rock art in burial constructions will be discussed in order to gain information of the individuals that were interred with these powerful symbols.

About Louise: Louise Felding is an archaeologist and curator with VejleMuseerne Denmark. Her research is focused on the Early Bronze Age in Scandinavia and in particular with the dynamics of gender in Bronze Age society. Louise’s research on Danish rock art aimed to contextualise prehistoric rock art by looking at its connection and setting within the surrounding landscapes.

Join us for this fascinating talk! 

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