Rock art has the power to capture young people's imagination. It can be a fertile ground for learning about how people made sense of their world in the past, and how prehistoric beliefs were expressed and shared widely across Western Europe. 

A Song in Stone is a fantastic learning resource about rock art, produced by Matt Ritchie from Forestry and Land Scotland in partnership with Historic Environment Scotland and Kilmartin Museum. You can find more details about this booklet, and the other fabulous learning resources created by Forestry and Land Scotland on their webite:

You can download a pdf of the booklet here

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About the booklet:

Scotland’s Neolithic rock art comprises an outdoor gallery several thousand years old, part of a shared cultural heritage that can be found all along the Atlantic coastline of Europe. Using an inspirational blend of objective recording, subjective analysis and narrative interpretation to encourage both critical thinking and creative arts, A Song in Stone draws on the work of leading archaeologists and rock art researchers to describe a time and tradition far removed from today.

As both illustrated reference material and creative learning resource, the practitioner is prepared with detailed knowledge and innovative ideas for their learners. A fresh take on a fascinating subject, this resource will be of interest to teachers, archaeological educators and anyone with an interest in the presentation and interpretation of our ancient past.



This section provides further information and detailed guidance to help you explore, record, and learn more about rock art in Scotland, and elsewhere in the world. 



You can download all our Guidance Notes from this section. These documents provide detailed information to help you prepare for your fieldwork, identify, record and photograph rock art, and create 3D models. 

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Rock art has captured people's imagination for many decades, and is the subject of numerous publications. We have put together a list of books and articles that you might find interesting if you want to learn more this fascinating subject. 



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There are many different forms of rock art in the world, dating from over 40,000 years ago to present day. We have selected a number of websites where you can find out more about the richness and variety of rock art. 



In this section you can download a number of documents and other related resources, such as our promotional leaflet and our booklet about Scotland's rock art, as well as the rock art learning resource produced collaboratively with Forestry and Land Scotland!