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Since the beginning of the project, in January 2017, we have been conducting a series of workshops and training sessions, as well as delivering a number of talks to local societies, and other conferences. 

The range of our activities will grow as the project develops, and we will share some of these with you on these pages.



November 2017: Community Heritage Conference, Strathclyde University, Glasgow 

If you're interested, click on this Youtube window to watch our talk about how we are working with our Community Teams to provide a new dimension on Scotland's rock art using 3D modelling techniques.  




Ringing the Ringing Stone, Tiree

This short YouTube video shows some of our NOSAS team experimenting with the acoustics of the 'cupmarked' Ringing Stone on the island of Tiree, off the west coast of Scotland.






Kilmartin Field School, July 2019

This video shows Edinburgh University students at our Kilmartin Field School in July 2019. It was created by the Edinburgh Film Company for the University of Edinburgh, School of History, Classics and Archaeology, to promote archaeology fieldwork activities for students. The field school was run by Scotland's Rock Art Project in collaboration with Edinburgh University and Kilmartin Museum.




October 2020: "Prehistoric Rock Art in Scotland" webinar, delivered to the Galloway Glens Project Partnership and Can You Dig It

On the 7th of October 2020, Joana delivered an online seminar to the Galloway Glens Project Partnership webinar series, about prehistoric rock art in Scotland and the current progress of ScRAP. 




The Pre/Histories Podcast - Prehistory and Folklore, October 2020

If you are interested in lore and folk tales associated to prehistoric sites, then listen to this podcast where Joana, Kim Biddulph (host) and Sue Greaney (English Heritage) talk about fairies, evil spirits, witches, princesses, curses and more. 

Listen to it here



November 2020: "Re-viewing prehistoric rock art in Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders. Presentation". Online TALK at the Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders Archaeology Conference (ELBAC)

On 21 November 2020 Tertia delivered an online presentation at ELBAC reviewing rock art in the Edinburgh, Lothians and Borders in the light of work by ScRAP and the local community team.

















This section provides further information and detailed guidance to help you explore, record, and learn more about rock art in Scotland, and elsewhere in the world. 



You can download all our Guidance Notes from this section. These documents provide detailed information to help you prepare for your fieldwork, identify, record and photograph rock art, and create 3D models. 


Rock art has captured people's imagination for many decades, and is the subject of numerous publications. We have put together a list of books and articles that you might find interesting if you want to learn more this fascinating subject. 



If you are interested in knowing what we and our Community Teams are up to, and what we have planned, you can find out in our Spring and Autumn Newsletters! 



There are many different forms of rock art in the world, dating from over 40,000 years ago to present day. We have selected a number of websites where you can find out more about the richness and variety of rock art. 



In this section you can download a number of documents and other related resources, such as our leaflet!