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Canmore ID 368469 SCRAP ID 3268
Location OS Grid Ref: NH 57766 66121 Team Not in team
Existing Classifications None.
Date Fieldwork Started 01/04/2019 Date Fieldwork Completed
New Panel? Yes  


A1. Identifiers

Panel Name DRUIM MOR Number 19
Other names
HER/SMR SM Number SM4945 Other
Classifications And Periods
Classification 1 Cup Marked Rock Period 1 Neol/bronze Age

A2. Grid Reference(original find site)

New OS NGR NH 57766 66121
Lat/Long 57.66243 -4.38578
Obtained By: Mobile Phone

A3. Current Location & Provenance

  • At original location
Accession no. Not given

Section B. CONTEXT

B1. Landscape Context

Weather Cloudy
Position in landscape Hillside
Topography(terrain within about 500m of panel.) Sloping
Aspect of slope (if on sloping terrain e.g. S, SE etc.) SE

B2. Current land use & vegetation

  • Rough Grazing

B3. Forestry

  • No selection

B4. Archaeological Features within 200m / or visible from the panel

  • Other rock art
  • Field System
  • Settlement
  • Burial Mound/Cairn
  • Enclosure
  • Ditch/Bank
  • Clearance cairn(s)

B5. Location Notes

The panel is one of a number of carved rocks scattered across an area of very rough ground with many low rock outcrops and a number of archaeological features including a chambered cairn and a deserted farmstead with associated buildings and field system. The ground has not been cultivated for a long time, possibly since the settlement was deserted c.200 years ago. It is presently occasionally grazed by sheep and cows but is mainly rough grass. The site is on the S facing slope at the E end of Swordale Hill overlooking Strath Sgitheach. The panel is just to the W and above a dense scatter of boulders and stones, possibly a clearance cairn. Further to the S is a degraded bank which may be part of the field system of the old settlement. The panel has not been moved. All the panels lie within a large area protected within the Scheduled Monument 4945 Drumore, Farmstead, field system, chambered cairn and cup marks. The panel has been recorded previously and a report lodged with Highland Council under the HER number MHG 14145 which includes several of the other carved rocks in this area.

Section C. PANEL

C1. Panel Type

In the landscape Outcrop

C2. Panel Dimensions, Slope & Orientation

Dimensions of panel (m to one decimal place)
Length (longer axis) 1.9 Width 0.8
Height (max) 0.6 Height (min) 0
Approximate slope of carved surface
8 degrees degrees
Orientation (Aspect e.g. NW)
Rock Surface S Carved Surface S Carved Surface

C3. Rock Surface

Surface Compactness Hard Grain Size Medium Visible Anomalies Not Visible
Rock Type Schist

C4. Surface Features

  • Natural Hollows

C5. Panel Notes

The panel is a large schist outcrop visible below the turf as roughly an L shape extending SE out of the slope of the ground. It is 1.9m long by 0.8m wide and a maximum height of 0.6m above ground. The panel has a very slight slope to the S. There is 1 shallow cup mark on the E edge of the stone and a possible second cup mark to the N.

C6. Probability

The probability that there is any rock art on the panel is Definite


and 1 possible cupmark



Visible Tool Marks? No

Visible Peck Marks? No


D1. Access

  • Right to Roam access.
  • Panel is on Private land.

D2. Awareness

  • Panel was known before the project.
  • This panel is known to others in the local community.
There are stories or folk traditions associated with this panel No

D3. Risk

  • No selection
  • There are sheep near the rock.
  • No selection
Comments and other potential threats

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