Edinburgh, Lothians and Fife (ELF)


Working across Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife, the ELF team are currently made up of nine individuals united by a common interest in rock art and a desire to learn more about it. Keen to contribute to the bank of knowledge and preservation of this intriguing 'art' form, we carry out our work in urban and rural areas across the regions.

Although rock art in this part of Scotland is less widespread than in some other areas, we do have great examples set in stunning (and sometimes challenging to reach!) locations, and there are many other interesting panels held in storage which we hope to help record.

As many of us are busy Monday to Friday, we tend to go out on Sunday afternoons, getting in touch beforehand to coordinate transport and times. Although some of us had a little relevant experience prior to volunteering with ScRAP, your average ELF generally falls into the category of ‘enthusiastic amateur’, with diverse backgrounds ranging from students to the retired.

Most of us did not know each other prior to the ScRAP training session that took place in September 2018, and we’re a friendly bunch who are happy to welcome new members to the team – so please get in touch (by contacting us via the ScRAP Team: scrap@hes.scot) if you’re interested in getting involved!







Community Teams

Public engagement lay at the heart of Scotland's Rock Art Project, and our research was informed by the work of our dedicated Community Teams. You can find out more about our Teams on this page!

North of Scotland Archaeological Society (NOSAS)

NOSAS members are active across the North of Scotland and as a group have a diverse range of knowledge and expertise. This experience includes the execution of a regional project recording rock art in Ross-shire. Members have been actively involved in the Scotland's Rock Art Project since it started and have significantly contributed to it's development. NOSAS are primarily based in Highland region, but are active throughout Northern Scotland.

ACFA (Association of Certificated Field Archaeologists)

ACFA members are certified archaeologists from the University of Glasgow, involved in a number of archaeological projects. They are currently divided in three rock art teams covering the Clyde, Lanarkshire and Ayrshire. Read about their interests here. 

Kirkcudbright Team (Dumfries and Galloway)

Meet the Kirkcudbright Team and read about their interests and why they are involved in ScRAP! 

Whithorn Team (Dumfries and Galloway)

Find out about what motivates the Whithorn Team from Dumfries and Galloway by visiting their profile here. 

Rock Art Bute

Being an island community archaeology has always played an important part of the social activities on Bute. Read more about their involvement with ScRAP in this section. 


The Strachur group was the first team to be trained in order to undertake rock art recording fieldwork for ScRAP. Learn about their interests and motivation to collaborate with ScRAP here.