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Allt a' Chuilinn 4

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Canmore ID 368366 SCRAP ID 276
Location OS Grid Ref: NH 39588 57807 Team Not in team
Existing Classifications
Classification Period
Cup Marked Rock
Date Fieldwork Started 06/10/2017 Date Fieldwork Completed
New Panel? No  


A1. Identifiers

Panel Name Allt a' Chuilinn Number 4
Other names Scatwell
SM Number Other 56D (NOSAS survey 2006-09)
Classifications And Periods
Classification 1 Cup Marked Stone Period 1 Neol/bronze Age

A2. Grid Reference(original find site)

OS NGR NH 39588 57807
New OS NGR NH 39588 57807
Lat/Long 57.58173 -4.68461
Obtained By: GPS

A3. Current Location & Provenance

  • At original location
Accession no. Not given

Section B. CONTEXT

B1. Landscape Context

Weather Sunny Intervals
Position in landscape Hillside
Topography(terrain within about 500m of panel.) Sloping
Aspect of slope (if on sloping terrain e.g. S, SE etc.) S

B2. Current land use & vegetation

  • Wood/Forest

B3. Forestry

  • No selection

B4. Archaeological Features within 200m / or visible from the panel

  • Other rock art

B5. Location Notes

This boulder sits on a S facing slope overlooking the junction of the rivers Conon and Meig and has wide views to S and W. It can be found 50m to the west of the Allt a'Chuilinn stream and just 20m to the east of a forest track. The boulder is one of a group of 7 in this area and is just 50m to the SE of the main one Allt a'Chuilinn 1 (recorded as 56D during the NOSAS survey 2006-09; Canmore ID: 304862).

Previous Notes

This site, recorded by NOSAS in 2007 as part of the Scotland's Rural Past Project, has a wonderful aspect to the south overlooking Strathconon. It is at an altitude of 180m and on a terrace about 1.5kms to the north of Little Scatwell. The whole area has been commercially forested and recently felled leaving a mass of brashings and tree stumps which make access very difficult. There is evidence of improved land in the vicinity with a number of large enclosure and a complex field system to the SE. There are also cairns which may not be clearance. The site comprises one main boulder and three “satellites”. There may well be other cup marked stones in the vicinity. 056D Cup Marked Stone NGR NH 39588 57807 An earth-fast boulder, roughly trapezoidal in ground plan with an upper surface sloping steeply to the SE, c2m x c1.5m x 2m x c1.2m, and c0.5m above ground level at its upper end - less at its lower end, with 2 definite and one possible cups cut into its upper surface. The cups are well separated, and vary in size, being c8cm, c6cm and c4cm across, and c1cm to 2cm deep. The upper and lower cups are shelf-cut i.e. the axes of the cups are vertical so the lower part of the cups form small shelves. The boulder is set in an area of clear fell near to the top of a broad gully, at c175m OD. The view is down into Strathconon towards Scatwell Home Farm. <1> <2> <1> Marshall, M, 2008, Cup marked rocks at Scatwell, 056D (Text/Record Form). SHG23981. <2> Marshall, M., 2009, A Project to Identify, Survey and Record Archaeological Remains in Strathconon, Ross-shire: Report of Phase One Scatwell and Lower Strathconon, Site 56D (Text/Report/Fieldwork Report). SHG24094.

Section C. PANEL

C1. Panel Type

In the landscape Boulder/Slab

C2. Panel Dimensions, Slope & Orientation

Dimensions of panel (m to one decimal place)
Length (longer axis) 2.2 Width 1.8
Height (max) 1 Height (min)
Approximate slope of carved surface
22.2 degrees degrees
Orientation (Aspect e.g. NW)
Rock Surface S Carved Surface S Carved Surface

C3. Rock Surface

Surface Compactness Hard Grain Size Medium Visible Anomalies No selection Rock Type Schist

C4. Surface Features

  • No selection

C5. Panel Notes

An earth-fast boulder, roughly trapezoidal in ground plan with an upper surface sloping to the SE. The boulder measures 2.2m x 1.8m and has a maxium height of 1m (c.0.5m at its lower end). It has 2 definite and one possible cups carved into its upper surface. The cups are well separated, and vary in size, being c.8cm, c.6cm and c.4cm across, and 1cm to 2cm deep.

C6. Probability

The probability that there is any rock art on the panel is Definite


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cupmark_1 cupmark_7
1 2

Visible Tool Marks? No

Visible Peck Marks? No


D1. Access

  • Right to Roam access.
  • Panel is on Private land.

D2. Awareness

  • Panel was known before the project.
  • This panel is known to others in the local community.
There are stories or folk traditions associated with this panel No

D3. Risk

  • Large areas of the rock are covered in lichen, moss or algae.
  • There are trees nearby whose roots might disturb the rock.
  • No selection
Comments and other potential threats

Potential threat from forest machinery and self-seeded birch trees.