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Canmore ID 12737 SCRAP ID 928
Location OS Grid Ref: NH 54714 41787 Team Not in team
Existing Classifications
Classification Period
Date Fieldwork Started 12/12/2019 Date Fieldwork Completed
New Panel? No  


A1. Identifiers

Panel Name LEANACH Number
Other names
HER/SMR SM Number Other
Classifications And Periods
Classification 1 Cup Marked Stone Period 1 Neol/bronze Age

A2. Grid Reference(original find site)

OS NGR NH 54710 41790
New OS NGR NH 54714 41787
Lat/Long 57.44308 -4.42234
Obtained By: GPS

A3. Current Location & Provenance

  • At original location
Accession no. Not given

Section B. CONTEXT

B1. Landscape Context

Weather Cloudy
Position in landscape Top of hill
Topography(terrain within about 500m of panel.) Flat
Aspect of slope (if on sloping terrain e.g. S, SE etc.)

B2. Current land use & vegetation

  • Wood/Forest

B3. Forestry

  • Mature

B4. Archaeological Features within 200m / or visible from the panel

  • No selection

B5. Location Notes

The panel is located about 60m SW of Leanach farmhouse, accessed round the SE end of the farm buildings in a mature and overgrown plantation. It is on the E edge of a prominent overgrown outcrop and about 5m NE of the boundary fence.

Previous Notes

NH54SW 13 5471 4179. NH 547 417. There are at least six cup-marks on an outcrop of rock situated 70 m SW of Leanach farmhouse. RCAHMS 1978, visited 1978 At NH 5471 4179, on the SE extremity of a rock outcrop, are twelve cup marks. Surveyed at 1:2500. Visited by OS (J M) 6 Feburary 1981 NH 44/54 OS 547418 No. 66 Leanach. On the face of a rock a few yards south of Leanach Farmhouse there are about half-a-dozen cup marks, and on the south gable of the house there appears to be the fossil of a small snake. The cup marks are recorded. Coghill et al 1989

Section C. PANEL

C1. Panel Type

In the landscape Boulder/Slab

C2. Panel Dimensions, Slope & Orientation

Dimensions of panel (m to one decimal place)
Length (longer axis) 1.3 Width 1
Height (max) 0.6 Height (min)
Approximate slope of carved surface
10 degrees 45 degrees
Orientation (Aspect e.g. NW)
Rock Surface Carved Surface SE Carved Surface SW

C3. Rock Surface

Surface Compactness Hard Grain Size Medium Visible Anomalies Quartz Veins
Rock Type Schist

C4. Surface Features

  • Fissures/cracks
  • Natural Hollows

C5. Panel Notes

The panel is a squarish block of schist, 1.3m x 1.0m x 0.6m high. It lies against an outcrop of which it appears to be a detached piece. There are 20 cups in total. The top surface slopes 10° to the SE and has 11 cups, the SW facing surface slopes at 45° and has 9 cups.

C6. Probability

The probability that there is any rock art on the panel is Definite


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Visible Tool Marks? No

Visible Peck Marks? No


D1. Access

  • Panel is on Private land.

D2. Awareness

  • No selection
There are stories or folk traditions associated with this panel No

D3. Risk

  • Large areas of the rock are covered in lichen, moss or algae.
  • There are trees nearby whose roots might disturb the rock.
  • No selection
Comments and other potential threats

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