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Canmore ID 370723 SCRAP ID 3085
Location OS Grid Ref: NS 81636 81285 Team Not in team
Existing Classifications
Classification Period
Date Fieldwork Started 09/10/2020 Date Fieldwork Completed
New Panel? Yes  


A1. Identifiers

Panel Name CHACEFIELD WOOD Number 1
Other names
HER/SMR 1174
SM Number Other
Classifications And Periods
Classification 1 Cup And Ring Marked Rock Period 1 Neol/bronze Age

A2. Grid Reference(original find site)

OS NGR NS 81700 81290
New OS NGR NS 81636 81285
Lat/Long 56.00983 -3.89997
Obtained By: GPS

A3. Current Location & Provenance

  • At original location
Accession no. Not given

Section B. CONTEXT

B1. Landscape Context

Weather Cloudy
Position in landscape Top of hill
Topography(terrain within about 500m of panel.) Undulating
Aspect of slope (if on sloping terrain e.g. S, SE etc.)

B2. Current land use & vegetation

  • Wood/Forest

B3. Forestry

  • Mature

B4. Archaeological Features within 200m / or visible from the panel

  • No selection

B5. Location Notes

The panel is situated at the N end of an outcropping rocky ridge within the mixed woodland of Chacefield Wood. The woodland consists of a plantation of Scots Pine with many other broadleaves such as birch, oak and beech. This area is slightly higher than the surroundings and there would be extensive views without the trees. There is a pond immediately to the N of the ridge, and a track running EW to the N of the pond. The wood is on the edge of the town of Denny and the many paths appear to be well-used for walking and cycling. Another carved rock, Chacefield 2, is located 5m to the N.

Section C. PANEL

C1. Panel Type

In the landscape Outcrop

C2. Panel Dimensions, Slope & Orientation

Dimensions of panel (m to one decimal place)
Length (longer axis) 3 Width 2.9
Height (max) 0.7 Height (min) 0.2
Approximate slope of carved surface
4 degrees degrees
Orientation (Aspect e.g. NW)
Rock Surface Carved Surface Carved Surface

C3. Rock Surface

Surface Compactness Hard Grain Size Fine Visible Anomalies Not Visible
Rock Type Sandstone

C4. Surface Features

  • Fissures/cracks
  • Bedding Planes

C5. Panel Notes

This is a large sandstone outcrop measuring 3.0 x 2.9m with sloping sides and a more or less flat upper surface with fissures. The carvings are located towards the NE corner of the outcrop. They include 3 cup and ring motifs with deep-set rings. The central motif is a cup with 2 rings, although the outer ring is very faint, and the other two are cups with single rings. In addition there are 3 cupmarks with no rings. There appears to be two recent cuts in the central cup and ring mark in the shape of a circle and a triangle.

C6. Probability

The probability that there is any rock art on the panel is Definite


No comments added


Cup and Rings
cup_and_ring_1 cup_and_ring_2
2 1

Visible Tool Marks? No

Visible Peck Marks? No


D1. Access

  • Right to Roam access.

D2. Awareness

  • This panel is known to others in the local community.
There are stories or folk traditions associated with this panel No

D3. Risk

  • Large areas of the rock are covered in lichen, moss or algae.
  • There are shrubs growing on the rock surface.
  • There are trees nearby whose roots might disturb the rock.
  • There is graffiti (paintings and/or carving) on or near the rock.
  • There are quarries nearby.
  • The rock is located on/nearby a path or place where people might walk.
Comments and other potential threats

The panel is located in an area where young people gather due to its seclusion within the woods. Numerous beer cans etc., were present and the rock surface had been marked with graffiti.